3 Ways to Gain Greater Clarity More Consistently

If CLARITY is what we want…

then DISRUPTION is what we need.

Think about the last time you got really clear about a major life decision, how to solve a big problem, or where you needed to focus your time and energy.

Did that clarity come without something or someone disrupting your beliefs, routines, or ideas about what IS possible or…

what YOU’RE capable of doing? Of course not!

Our beliefs, routines, and ideas, while, beneficial at first, they eventually lead to complacency.

So, in order to gain greater clarity more consistently, we must:

  1. Recognize that clarity is about VISION. It’s your ability to see where you’re going and what obstacles are ahead, helping you make better, more informed decisions about your next steps.
  2. Recognize that disruption is essential for long term GROWTH. Think about the boom in fitness regimes and philosophies in the last 10+ years. Crossfit, P90x, Insanity, etc. They all focus on disrupting the body with frequent changes in motion and intensity, forcing it to adapt and get stronger.
  3. Recognize that disruption can (and should) be INTENTIONAL. Most of us equate “disruption” with the unexpected. But, disruption can also be expected because we’ve planned for it.

How have YOU seen this play out in your life and work?

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