A Few Big Changes Around Here…


As you may have noticed, there’s a new URL and logo for what used to be, “The Jared Nichols Group.”  The company is still the same but the name has changed to more closely represent WHAT it is I do and WHO it is I serve. 

So, this past year I’ve been on a mission to restructure my life and work so they are aligned toward a common end goal. And that goal is to make a bigger impact by serving more people in more places, teaching them how to think differently about the future and their ability to create it. 

That is my heart. Empowering and equipping PEOPLE.

NOT empowering and equipping, “prospects,” “target audience groups,” or “markets.” Do you see the difference here?

This has been the internal struggle for me throughout my career. Feeling like I had to speak two different languages and present two different sides of Jared – “business Jared” and “casual Jared.” But the “real Jared,” is lost in the back-and-forth. 

But not anymore…

What I’ve learned and want to leave you with is this:

When there are two of YOU then one will always get in the way of the other.




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