A Revolutionary Act of Imagination

You and I have unprecedented access to some of the greatest tools ever created. Tools that enable us to explore, create, and collaborate like never before. We’re also facing unprecedented challenges in both their size and nature. But, we have the resources to overcome them if we allow ourselves the freedom to imagine…

Think about it.

Throughout history, humans have overcome tremendous challenges using far less. The greatest accomplishments of past generations were created using far simpler tools and technologies. But they had the most important tool of all – IMAGINATION. They were able to envision something new and they used that vision to inspire others to join them.

So then…

WHAT IF we decided to use the tools we have today, NOT to do what’s already been done, but to do something that’s never been done before?

WHAT IF we decided these technologies weren’t just for getting ahead and “winning” the game, but could change the game completely?

THAT is what YOU are capable of doing. That is what WE are capable of doing together. Because the only way we can overcome the challenges ahead is through a revolutionary act of imagination.

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