What We Do

The New Futurist is a strategic foresight and executive advisory firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We work with leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals, to stay ahead of the competition, expand their market reach, and capitalize on changes in a volatile and uncertain environment.

We work alongside leaders and businesses to design environments of extraordinary capacity, strategic opportunity, and long-term success. We help you explore how your industry will evolve over the next 10-25 years in order to cultivate deep insight and foresight in relation to emerging trends in technology, innovation, creativity, public policy, and corporate culture. At The Jared Nichols Group we are dedicated to helping you achieve success today and into the future.

  1. Adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment
  2. Identify, create, and seize new opportunities
  3. Ensure their products, services, and business model is relevant both today and tomorrow.

Why An Outside Consultant?

  1. We explore the impacts and implications of emerging trends and issues.
  2. We construct various plausible and relevant future scenarios.
  3. We formulate strategic action to ensure future success.