Are You Still Moving in the Right Direction?

So you’ve recognized the need for new ways of thinking and a new approach to your long-term strategy. So now what? Here are three key attributes that are required for any leader or organization to take the first steps in creating their successful future.

  1. Extraordinary faith in the collective abilities of their team
  2. A willingness and excitement to venture into the unknown and embark on a journey of discovery
  3. A willingness to fail and take risks in order to evolve in, and adapt to changes in the external environment.

All too often we allow the fear of failure to dictate our choices and assessment of risk. However, the reality today is that excessive risk aversion is the greatest liability for future success. The key to successful risk taking requires a comprehensive approach to planning rooted in a quest for opportunity rather than fear of the unknown.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is the worst case scenario if I take this risk?
  2. What is the worst case scenario if I do nothing?

Remember, temporary failure is much easier to live with than a lifetime of regret over missed opportunity. So what are you waiting for?

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