What leaders and entrepreneurs like YOU have to say about The Foresight Academy…

January 2019 is when we will open enrollment for The Foresight Academy! This has been a project that we’ve put a lot of time and energy into over the past year to make sure that it produces dramatic results for those who are ready to learn and apply the skills that innovators, industry disruptors, and intelligence agencies have used for decades to create the future they want to see! 

In this video you will hear how leaders and entrepreneurs like YOU are applying the skills and tools they learned in The Foresight Academy to their personal and professional lives today!


From Tactical to Strategic to Visionary

What if YOU could learn the same skills, techniques, and strategies that innovators, industry disruptors, and intelligence agencies have used for decades to drive and shape the future…

All while earning your Certificate in Strategic Foresight from The Haslam College of Business, at The University of Tennessee…

In this short video, I sat down with my colleagues at the Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee, to talk about strategic foresight, and why they believe The Foresight Academy is so important for leaders and executives today.


Think Differently…A conversation with Eric Kasimov about HOW we think about the future today.



If you want to make better decisions about YOUR future…

Start by asking better questions.

Understanding how the future might unfold starts by understanding why we, as PEOPLE do what we do. Me and my good friend Eric Kasimov, went for a walk and decided to bring the camera. (Which makes sense because his company, KazCM provides content marketing and strategy for entrepreneurs).

In this short video, Eric reminisces about the first time we met and my complete lack of fashion sense on the golf course. 🙂

We also talk about how the more we dig into “why” we believe what we believe, why we do what we do, and why we make the decisions we make…

The better we can see where we might be going. Don’t be afraid to question what other’s accept as, “the way things are.”

Who do you know that’s not afraid to ask the questions that others might not?



Why YOUR Vision of the Future… Matters

The brain remembers stories far more than facts or figures. That’s why it’s critical that you create a powerful vision, a story that presents a future that inspires others to action.

In this short video I talk about why YOUR vision of the future matters, and why you need to create that vision now.


Why We First Need to Ask Better Questions

Before you can know what direction you need to go in…

You first have to know where you are today AND, 

WHY you made the choices you did that got you here.

In this short video, I talk about how seizing opportunity to create the future you want to see, requires you to be conscious, aware, and intentional in the decisions you make today.
That starts by asking better questions.


Why The Future is NOT Happening to You…


So many people feel like this thing called, “the future,” is happening to them. The reality is, all of human progress has been achieved by our capacity to envision the future.

In this short video, Jared talks about the balance between our present day needs and our future aspirations.


WHY I Do What I Do


What drives YOU? I believe this is a key question that we all have to answer. In this short video, I share WHY I do what I do and why I believe PEOPLE are the key to the future we want to see.


How Do YOU Define “Success?”

How do YOU define “success” right now? More importantly, is that your definition OR someone else’s? In this video I talk about why it’s so important to be AWARE of the narratives that define “success” in each area of your life, and WHY they have to be questioned in order for YOU to be successful on YOUR terms.



Here’s Where YOU Start Creating The Future

We see the phrase, “create the future,” everywhere BUT, the question remains –

“Where do you start?”

In this short video I share the three key skills to get you started toward creating the future YOU want to see.


Myth #1: The FUTURE is Set in Stone

the future is set in stone

One of the biggest myths about the future is that it’s a set destination, something that is outside of our control… Let me point out the obvious here – I’ve never met a leader who insisted that the future was set in stone and, “there’s nothing they can do about it,” so why bother. I’m guessing the same is true for you. So why then is this myth worth mentioning? …