3 thoughts on “Bridging The Talent And Skills Shortage

  1. Jared: This is a great Pod Cast. It touches a topic that needs to be discussed in all organizations. Investing in your people is perhaps one of the “key” factors of success of any company. intellectual capital is way under discovered. Too many organizations under utilize their employee input.

    Another thought within this area is to discuss the different needs of today’s workforce. The employees of today work differently than other generations of people. They have different expectations, one of which is a shorter work week. Employees today focus on a better quality of life first, not after their career has been established.

    As always, you know I am one of your largest supporters and “biggest fan”. I look forward to hearing more on this topic. Don E. Vance, CCM, CPC, Chief Operating Officer – Hound Ears Club, Blowing Rock, North Carolina

  2. Appreciate the insight and I do believe trust/loyalty are the commodities, that once established, make for a solid team. It makes sense then that investment in the development of personnel and true succession planning or bringing out one’s talent enlists trust/loyalty. Thank you for verbalizing so eloquently.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      apologies for the embarrassingly late reply here! There has been some technical difficulty in these messages getting to my inbox. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Trust is a rarity these days but not unattainable. It takes intention and patience.

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