Change is Inevitable. Growth is Intentional.


There are times in our lives that move so quickly we forget how we ended up where we are. As a parent we experience this as our children grow and change year to year. My son will be 5 years old in January, and it recently became evident to me that this may be the last year I can carry him on my shoulders with ease. This is the very nature of growth and change. While these incredibly precious experiences with our children, spouses, friends, and family are to be cherished, we often tend to lament the changes.

However, it’s these moments that lay the foundation for even more incredible and exciting experiences to come. Sure, I may not be able to pick up my son with ease and carry him on my shoulders a year from now, but just think of all the other exciting things we will be able to do that we cannot do now? If I allow myself to get lost in nostalgia, I will miss opportunities to experience the fullness of our next stage in life. As you look to 2016, it’s important to remember that our view of the future shapes our experience of the present. Change is inevitable, but the way in which we grow and develop is intentional.


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