Client Results

Dramatically increase current and future profitability

Case study: CEO successfully identifies new markets to drive extraordinary growth
We successfully identified three unexplored markets wherein his business could evolve over the next 10 years.

Anticipate and capitalize on shifts in the market, economy, and public policy

“I would highly recommend Jared Nichols if you are trying to “create your future.” Terry P. Ainsworth

Drastically reduce uncertainty about the future of your industry and external disruption

Case study: Executive decision making drastically improves
With renewed confidence and clarity, the executive team’s ability to make decisions drastically improved. Employees had a greater sense of ownership over the day-to-day tasks and operations of the company.

Develop robust and adaptive long-term strategies for your organization

“With Jared he takes you to the next level of growth as a leader and professional.” Holly Richard

Identify strategic opportunity in a constantly changing and uncertain environment

“His ability to analyze, construct and implement strategic plans to help my clients has been a differentiator in my marketplace.” Alan J. Biller

Dramatically increase the organization’s capacity to handle uncertainty and ambiguity

Case Study: Dramatic improvement in organizational efficiency by creating a culture of foresight
Staff members consistently completed assigned tasks, and enthusiastically communicated with and engaged potential donors and center advocates.

Discover how your industry might develop over the next 10-25 years

“Jared’s work with us helped us not only focus on tomorrow’s tasks and tomorrow’s business but where business will be going over the next 5, 10,15, and 25 years. It literally transformed the way we thought about working online.” Brent Engelman

Cultivate deep insight in relation to the skills needed to identify emerging trends in technology, innovation, creativity, public policy and corporate culture

“As an entrepreneur leading multiple ventures, I rely on Jared for understanding and interpreting perspectives coming from the next generation of business leaders, and for historical trends shaping today’s businesses with a global influence.” Dana Dorroh

Increase gains in both core competencies and new competitive spaces

“I look for opportunities to work with him because of his innovative approach and resources. You cannot ask for a better partner, leader or developer for you next corporate opportunity.” Sandy Cummings