Do You Know Where You Are?

The map app on my wife’s phone has recently developed a glitch, in which it incorrectly identifies her start location when she needs directions. She can override this error by manually entering in the location if she knows the address, but if she’s on the road and doesn’t know where she is, then the resulting directions are meaningless. This somewhat frustrating conundrum is a good illustration of how foresight works. When you are trying to identify a path into the future, you have to first know where you are in the present.

In fact, the practice of foresight actually requires that you consciously spend your time in the present, fully aware of what is going on around you and how you impact these things. I often tell people that the future is just a concept.

It is always out in front of us and we will never actually experience it until it becomes the present moment. Being present in the moment lays the foundation for a much richer, more fulfilling future, but we will never experience that richness unless we learn to be present.

Being present not only helps you live a happier healthier life, but it also helps you when you do consciously plan for the future. You have a better understanding of where you are, who you are, and what’s important to you. In essence, it gives you a more accurate start location.

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