Following Your Own Rhythm

Great musical composers rely on tempo in order to pull a variety of elements together. Endurance athletes require tempo in order to extend their effort over a longer period of time. In the same way, finding and following your own personal rhythm can help you achieve greater things.

In this day and age we are bombarded with so much noise and distraction that we find our personal rhythm is constantly being interrupted. Even though we know that these interruptions minimize our effectiveness and productivity, we still struggle to turn them off. In my profession, I stress the importance of regularly scanning the horizon, taking in new information, and not missing new opportunities. However, these things must be done intentionally, in conjunction with your thoughtful flow of activity, rather than in the form of intrusive alerts, updates, and the constant checking we can all be prone to at times.

This is critical especially for the successful entrepreneur or executive whose organization is growing by leaps and bounds. Set down your rhythm as you start your day and refuse to be a slave to distractions. If you are intentional about sticking to your tempo and thoughtful about each activity that you undertake, you will find that the percentage of distractions that actually need your immediate attention is very small. Meanwhile, you are able to conserve your energy for the tasks and objectives that truly matter.

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