3 Lurking Disruptors to the Future of Higher Education

In this article Jared discusses concepts of neo-apprenticeship, brand name professors, and peer-to-peer education and the disruptive potential they have on the future of higher education.

4 key Principles for Navigating the Generational Minefield

In this article Jared discusses how to reframe and rethink the generational challenges in the workplace. Too many organizations are influenced by stereotypes and generalizations, and must learn to view their issues as contextual rather than generational.

5-25: Applying The Future To Your Organization Today

In this article Jared discusses how to apply our thinking and vision of the future to our present day action. He touches on the fallacy of short-range planning and the pitfall of projecting the present into the future with the assumption that very little will change.

Create. Adapt. Sustain.: re-thinking our approach to rapidly shifting dynamics

In this article Jared discusses why we need to rethink our concepts of growth in order to ensure future relevance amidst a rapidly changing environment.

Fear: the root of all social change

In this article Jared discusses the idea of fear and how it is used to create social change for better or worse.

Foresight is 20/20: discovering our past by remembering our future

In this article Jared discusses why our traditional approach to setting goals and targets is limited by our present day circumstances. He explains the importance of placing ourselves in a future context and reflecting backward to achieve clarity and insight into what is of greatest importance to us and our organizations.

From Limitation to Innovation: why every organization must reinvent their industry

In this article Jared discusses why innovation is key to driving success in your organization, but that having a clear understanding of what innovation is and is not is the first step to reinventing yourself and your industry.

Maintaining employee trust in a volatile economy: three ways to reinvigorate your organization following massive layoffs

In this article Jared discusses the challenges organizations face amidst layoffs and restructuring and how they can reinvigorate and instill trust despite the circumstances.

Minimal Footprint….. Maximum Impact: 3 reasons why the sustainability movement is unsustainable

In this article Jared discusses how the sustainability movement (like so many others) is too fragmented, representing a collection of fads and trends rather than a unifying and truly transformative shift in ideology. Jared then presents concepts to promote sustainability in a way that is realistic and beneficial for everyone.

Re-thinking productivity: the role of human contribution in a post-labor environment

In this article Jared discusses why we must first understand who we were as people, who we are today, and who we are becoming in order to better understand where we are going and the role we play in determining that destination.

Re-thinking the Company Hybrid Model: why organizations must strategically adapt rather than structurally adopt

In this article Jared discusses the company hybrid model and why every organization regardless of size must adopt a strategy of movement rather than a strategy focused on future position.

Re-thinking Wealth in the 21st-Century Economy

In this article Jared discusses the changing ideas and concepts of wealth in the 21st century and why we as a society must begin to rethink growth, value, and wealth in order to make the right investments that will ensure a prosperous and valuable future.

Survive or Thrive: lessons from a dying industry

In this article Jared discusses three key elements to ensuring future relevance and how to build on, rather than run from, what has made you relevant and profitable up to this point.

The Future of Small Towns in a Sprawling Global Community

In this article Jared discusses the future of small towns and why it’s far better for the residents and elected officials to take an active role in the evolution of their community rather than face the possibility of decline for the sake of nostalgia.

Unless You Take Risk You Run the Risk of Being Eliminated

In this article Jared discusses why strategy that starts with a foundation of fear and excessive risk aversion ultimately ends up replaced, irrelevant, or extinct. Jared then offers three key steps to ensure an adaptive and resilient future.

Victim of Certainty: A case study in leadership and impossible odds

In this article Jared discusses two types of leadership personified in the actions of Civil War generals Robert E. Lee and George McClellan. Jared points out that our beliefs about risk and uncertainty will determine our ultimate future outcome.