How Future Fit is Your Organization?

How prepared are you and your organization to adapt to sudden changes and unexpected events?
The following assessment will help you gauge how “future fit” your organization is today.

Score the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5

1 = strongly disagree
2 = disagree
3 = neutral
4 = agree
5 = strongly agree

  1. When unexpected events occur, our organization acts quickly.

  2. Our organization is strongly committed to proactive planning.

  3. We readily welcome new challenges in our organization.

  4. We are adept at anticipating and profiting from change.

  5. We regularly reorganize in order to give employees new opportunities and responsibilities.

  6. We regularly challenge assumptions and bias in our organization.

  7. We readily seek out employee input and ideas when creating long-term strategic initiatives.

  8. Our organization embodies an adaptive philosophy about the future.

  9. Our organization regularly dedicates time to consider the future and our place within it.

  10. We believe new challenges are necessary in order to make us a stronger and more robust organization in the future.

  11. Visioning is an important process in understanding and influencing the future.

  12. Leadership in our organization relies heavily on creative thinking.