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Private Country Clubs – Will they exist in the future?
There is a lot of conversation about the future of private clubs. Will they exist in the future or not? Well it depends on who you talk to. Personally, I have no doubt that private clubs will exist, but there will be fewer of them. In a recent article from Club and Resort Business Magazine and verified by additional research, at least five golf courses in the San Francisco Bay Area have closed in this past year, and Kevin Kobayashi, General Manager of Monarch Bay GC in San Leandro, predicts that 10 more golf courses will close over the next two decades before demand exceeds supply. There are currently 115 golf courses in the region.

The Role of Organizational Design in 21st Century Organizations: The Future of Higher Education

About the Author:
Karen Bolser is the Founder of The Bolser Group, LLC and has spent seven years dedicating her time and energy in advising organizations’ and its’ members regarding management and leadership strategies. Karen holds a Master’s degree in Government/Public Policy and Law from Regent University. In addition, Karen is currently completing her Doctorates degree in Consulting and Strategic Foresight from Regent University.

Transforming Organizational Psychology and Club Programming Concepts

Master Club Advisors Club Leadership Digest
by Don E. Vance, CCM

There is a tremendous population shift underway in our country with the various age and cultural demographic changes that will modify the way we do business in our private clubs well into the future. Studies have shown that our 65 year old age group will double from 40 million to 89 million and from 13 percent of the population to 20 percent by the year 2050. While this seems like a long way off, the impact that this means to our economical outlook, and how we do business in our clubs will be impacting and must be dealt with today.