Special Report –
The Emerging Conscious Economy

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The Emerging Conscious Economy

What is the emerging conscious economy and what are the driving forces today that will shape the multi-dimensional future of exchange, currency, acquisition, and growth? These are just a few of the questions to be considered as we look ahead to the next 15 to 25 years in anticipation of a major shift in human consciousness, global diversity, and the allocation of the earth’s resources. Whereas in the past, small elite organizations, political parties, financial institutions, and powerful corporations were able to control the flow of wealth and distribution, the conscious economy will ultimately have the ability to amass global support for justice, equality, and sustainability, while keeping special interest groups accountable to the masses. For the purposes of this article the term “economy” is used to look beyond currency, beyond stock markets, beyond the acquisition of goods, and beyond resource distribution.

  • The Conscious Economy
  • Generational Value Shifts
  • Bridging The Divide Between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
  • Eco-nomics 101
  • Extreme Makeover: Currency Edition
  • Re-Centralized Government
  • Natural Selection and the Conscious Economy
  • Complexity Theory and the Conscious Economy
  • Preparing For the Conscious Economy
  • Re-Think Everything: Trans-formation over re-formation
  • Maintain Generational Relevance
  • Long-Term Viability