If You Want Your PEOPLE to Rise to the Occasion… Create the Opportunity For Them to Do So


Isn’t it amazing, how much we DON’T change over time?

Now, obviously we DO change as we age and go through different experiences, BUT our motivators and drivers as PEOPLE, have stayed pretty much the same.

Think about how much time and energy is spent trying to “encourage” team members to make a bigger contribution and YET…

keeping employees motivated and engaged in their work is one of the biggest issues that companies are continuously facing.The problem?

They’re confusing “encouragement” with empowerment.

I think back to the time when my wife and I planned to break the news to my then 2 yr old that it was time for his beloved pacifier to go.

We could have “encouraged” him by reinforcing that he was a big boy now, and didn’t need the pacifier like he did when we was a baby, BUT…

that doesn’t always work out. Especially with a passionate toddler! 🙂

Instead, we got some great advice on how to SHOW him that he was a “big boy” by giving him a baby with a pacifier that he had to take care of.

It worked! He rose to the occasion and never asked about his old pacifier again! He was EMPOWERED by an opportunity to BE more, instead of just being told he was.

If you want your people to rise to the occasion – create the opportunity for them to do so.

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