It’s Time To Get Serious About Investing In Our Future

For many in our country this holiday season was overshadowed by record rain and the subsequent flooding of several rivers throughout the Midwest. The estimated cost of damage is already at $3 billion and rising. Since 2010 the total cost of major floods in the U.S. has exceeded $34 billion. Over the past 50 years we’ve failed to make any significant investment in our country’s infrastructure because of the large upfront cost.

As a nation, it seems that our voracious appetite for consumption has deteriorated our ability to make wise investments in our future. We spend trillions of dollars a year protecting American interests abroad but these trillions will all be for nought if we fail to keep pace with the structural demands our interests require. It’s like upgrading a home’s security system every few years, while the home itself is falling apart. Meanwhile, the constant back and forth rhetoric among presidential hopefuls on how to move America forward is stuck in 20th century growth ideals.

If we are serious about building a future for our children, then we must start making long-term investments that ensure they will be given the greatest chance possible to succeed. It is up to us to make tough decisions, challenge old ideas that are no longer relevant, and learn to work together to protect their interests.

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