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This weeks focal point: I was recently hired to help a newly promoted executive of a Fortune 500 company discover how to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in his new role. During our first two days working together we identified the following issues:

  1. Inefficient procedures for accomplishing key tasks.
  2. Poor communication between and within departments.
  3. Too many people involved in redundant and unnecessary meetings.
  4. Endless “reply all” email chains to “keep everyone in the loop.”

Does this look familiar? Regardless of whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive, small business owner, or start-up entrepreneur, the obstacles to efficient and effective operations are virtually the same.

These issues can all be eliminated by clearly defining expectations and desired outcomes before trying to move forward. Doing so enables your employees and colleagues to use their judgement and expertise to make decisions rather than having to continuously check with you for validation of their ideas and permission to act. Employees who clearly understand their roles can exercise greater autonomy and spend less time unnecessarily involving others in the process. When only the absolutely necessary people are involved, tasks become less complicated and easier to complete, increasing efficiency and minimizing stress.

The Fulcrum: Before you take action take time to determine where you need greater clarification around desired results and expectations. You’ll be amazed at how much extra time and energy you have as a result.

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