Maximizing Our Inner Resources

In a previous post, I wrote about the need for quiet reflection in life: how easy it is to lose sight of our true selves and our worthy goals without these intentional moments. The beauty of these moments is they also provide an opportunity to recognize all the gifts we currently possess. When the mind is overly busy, it is constantly searching for deficits, problems to solve, and issues to resolve. A residual habit from our more primitive days as humans, we tend to stay on alert for the next sign of trouble, always waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”

I talk a lot about the importance of being conscious and alert of what is on the horizon; however, there is a difference between being conscious and being anxious. In fact, negativity and anxiety only impede conscious awareness. The mind becomes preoccupied with the “what-ifs” and fails to see what is. We miss opportunities to use untapped resources and discover hidden assets, wasting our energy on fears that never materialize. If we instead focus our energy on acknowledging the beauty of the moment, the generosity of others, and the many many gifts that life lays at our feet, we have in return a lot more to offer others. With such a positive focus of our energy, even the most difficult moments become opportunities for the growth and expansion of our inner resources and the further development of character.

When was the last time you received a gift? For me, it was this morning when my son took the time to share with me what he was learning in his homeschool math class. Honestly, I wasn’t fully aware at that moment that I was receiving a gift, but upon reflection I don’t know what else to call it. But now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps the last gift I received was the cool breeze just now through my office window or the quiet of this very moment, interrupted only by the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard.


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