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Jared’s guest interview on Voice America’s “Business Elevation Show With Chris Cooper.”

Re-thinking Your Next Quarter Century:
Reinventing Yourself and Your Organization to Create Continuous Growth and Relevance with Jared Nichols

The rate of change we see in the world today is unprecedented: New innovations, products & services fade to irrelevance more quickly than ever before. The constant bombardment of the vast array of information now available can easily make us, as leaders & entrepreneurs, feel overwhelmed. We know we must change, constantly and quickly, but we lack clarity about how & why. Jared Nichols is a deep futures strategist, executive advisor, speaker & coach. He provides the tools to help leaders & organizations gain competitive advantage, seize new market opportunities, drive in new revenue & in-crease profits. As one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters Degree in Strategic Foresight, Jared is sought out by leaders, organizations & entrepreneurs to help them identify & create their long-term successful future. Join us on this show to discover the art of staying relevant & being able to grow your business in an ever-changing world!


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Rethinking Your Next Quarter (Century):
How to Create Continuous Growth and Ensure Future Relevance

Almost every week there’s a report of some new disruption to our traditional paradigms of business and economics, social interaction, privacy, and our relationship with the natural environment. When presented with such paradigm-shaking news, leaders of organizations often feel a sense of ambivalence due to the fact that they are ill-equipped to articulate the implications such things may have on their business or community. Many choose to ignore such things because there is little they feel can be done today that will make a significant difference. This often results in these organizations taking the default “business as usual” approach to future growth and success. In order for we as leaders and organizations to create continuous growth despite increasing future uncertainty, we must rethink our concept and strategy for “growth.” Trying to apply the same old model to today’s business environment does not work. The battle for relevance and growth requires a deep futures strategy that enables an organization to anticipate disruption and shifts in the market and public policy. Leaders need a process that is both applicable and adaptable to sudden or unexpected changes.


How can non-profit organizations apply scenario planning and foresight in order to ensure they continue to grow and remain relevant in a constantly changing environment?

Listen to this teleconference as Ed Hosack, Executive Director of Cooperative Christian Ministry, interviews Jared Nichols about how the non-profit sector can:

  • Be more proactive about the future
  • Stand out from the masses
  • Increase their ability to attract and engage the right type of partners to their organizations.



Re-thinking Your Next Quarter (Century): Reinventing Yourself and Your Organization to Create Continuous Growth, and Ensure Your Future RelevanceView PDF


KUCI 88.9: Interviewed on Janeane Bernstein’s show “Get the Funk Out.”


TV Interview discussing the recent economic summit

Jared is frequently sought out for radio and television interviews and regularly quoted in the media on a wide variety of issues including the future of entrepreneurship, the changing face of the news industry, capitalizing in uncertain times, the information economy, and the future of the workforce and education.


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Leading the 21st Century: breakthrough strategies to ensure long-term success

How to transform your organization, gain competitive market advantage, attract and retain top-level employees, and create breakthrough strategies to ensure the long-term viability of your company.

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The Emerging Conscious Economy

The conscious economy is the transformational alternative to the existing paradigm in which our entire reality has been defined. This report looks at how this phenomenon is evidenced through the following factors:

  • Generational Value Shifts
  • Bridging the Divide Between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
  • Eco-nomics 101
  • Extreme Makeover™ Currency Addition
  • Re-centralized Government
  • Natural Selection and the Conscious Economy
  • Complexity Theory and the Conscious Economy
  • Preparing for the Conscious Economy