Myth #1: The FUTURE is Set in Stone

the future is set in stone

One of the biggest myths about the future is that it’s a set destination, something that is outside of our control…

Let me point out the obvious here – I’ve never met a leader who insisted that the future was set in stone and, “there’s nothing they can do about it,” so why bother.

I’m guessing the same is true for you. So why then is this myth worth mentioning? Simple answer:

Actions speak louder than words.

For example, most planning at the leadership level is heavily focused on expert analysis, predictions about the future, and historical data. All of which

tell you WHAT you should think about the future, rather than HOW to think about the future. Data, expert analysis, and future predictions are all helpful tools when it comes to planning and strategizing for the future. BUT…

they can become detrimental to our long-term success if we see them as the end, rather than a means to an end that is yet to be determined.

As big as our current reality is, the future is much much bigger, because so many possible futures exist right now. AND…

That’s also why thinking about a future that’s so vast can be overwhelming and intimidating, causing so many to surrender their right to create the kind of future they want to see. 

So, how do we overcome this? How do you know where your greatest potential lies and where you can get the most from your creative energy? In my experience that takes two forms of understanding.

One is a BROAD understanding of the world and how it’s changing. The other…

is a DEEP understanding of who WE are as individuals and WHY we’re here. It takes AWARENESS to see the big picture, and FOCUS to narrow in on what it means for us. 

If you want to tap in to what you truly have to offer the world, you must engage BOTH perspectives.


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