Recovering the Lost Art of Critical Thinking

I am often shocked by some of the things I hear people, who would otherwise be considered intelligent, say in conversations that are utterly misinformed and one-sided. Rather than assessing all sides of an issue, story, or event, it seems that the default for so many has been to regurgitate sound bites and overly simplified assessments made by media pundits or politicians on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. The act of considering an issue deeply from various angles is increasingly missing from the strategic and decision-making processes of many, even at the highest levels of leadership in our world. So the question is, “Why is this happening now at a time when the public’s access to various news and information sources has so dramatically increased?”

It is increasingly important, not just for individuals, but for organizations to guard against this growing trend. In my line of work, critical thinking is the foundational attribute required for organizations and individuals to truly take ownership in creating their ideal future. Critical thinking requires us to always question our bias and assumptions when it comes to a situation, piece of information, issue, or event. To take a narrow and oversimplified position on the issues we are currently facing leaves organizations and individuals extremely vulnerable to market disruptions and missed opportunity. Now is the time to not only question the information you have available, but to question the narrative by which you interpret that information.

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4 thoughts on “Recovering the Lost Art of Critical Thinking

  1. You are spot on with your thoughts! Understanding our personal bias, then going above and beyond to look at an issue from all sides before we make blabber our thoughts is the highest for on reasoning. Sadly, it is a dying breed those who think and reason critically. I am so saddened by those in authority spouting out such utter nonsense under the guise of reporting/teaching the facts that I’m taking to my classroom this fall with one main priority: Instruct. guide, challenge my students in their critical thinking skills.

    1. Tammy,

      Thanks for sharing and so glad this resonated with you. Well done for incorporating critical thinking in your classroom. This needs to be central for those coming behind us.

  2. So right on. We need to get critical thinking trending again loll
    Talking with these reactionary thinkers who echo the narrative is exhausting!

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