Rethinking Your Next Quarter (Century)

How to Create Continuous Growth and Ensure Future Relevance Here

Almost every week there’s a report of some new disruption to our traditional paradigms of business and economics, social interaction, privacy, and our relationship with the natural environment. When presented with such paradigm-shaking news, leaders of organizations often feel a sense of ambivalence due to the fact that they are ill-equipped to articulate the implications such things may have on their business or community. Many choose to ignore such things because there is little they feel can be done today that will make a significant difference. This often results in these organizations taking the default “business as usual” approach to future growth and success. In order for we as leaders and organizations to create continuous growth despite increasing future uncertainty, we must rethink our concept and strategy for “growth.” Trying to apply the same old model to today’s business environment does not work. The battle for relevance and growth requires a deep futures strategy that enables an organization to anticipate disruption and shifts in the market and public policy. Leaders need a process that is both applicable and adaptable to sudden or unexpected changes.


“The principles that Jared presents in this book have radically changed my perspective about the future. Having personally worked through this process with Jared, I have greater clarity and confidence about the opportunities and possibilities for my own future and for the future of our organization. This is a must read for the 21st Century leader.”

Rod Nease, SVP Operational Excellence, Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

“The skills that Jared can teach and enhance are extremely valuable to any business. I have realized that the purpose of strategic foresight is not to predict the future, but rather to identify several potential future outcomes and better prepare for them. His process allows for the facts to emerge to the top and drive sensible decisions.”

Mark Gould, CFO, Mast General Store, Inc.

“When you start to learn more about where you should be going, paradigms that need to shift or change, it helps you to build more confidence in the direction you decide to go, and ultimately helps you produce a real workable strategic vision for a more profitable future. This is a must read for business planners, business owners, management teams and their CEO’s. 5 stars.”

Shane Snively, CEO, Abiding Wealth Advisors

“We tend to be in a “status quo default mode” all of the time and Jared takes you out of that mindset very quickly and effectively. This book is easy to read, highly relevant, challenging, and motivating all at once.”

Glenn Love, Development Director, CCM