Why Settle For Sandboxes and Mud Puddles When the Ocean is Just Over the Hill?

Two weeks ago my family and I spent the week on the coast. 
This was especially fun as my son is now old enough to enjoy all the exciting aspects of the beach. As we walked from the condo to the beach for the first time, my son wanted to stop at every puddle and mound of sand he saw. Like most two year old boys, he is obsessed with dump trucks, construction sites, puddles, and dirt. Needless to say, a 5 minute walk turned into a 15 minute walk. Along the way it occurred to me that this was a perfect picture of the way we as adults so often limit ourselves. By settling for the first thing we see along the way, we never reach our true aspirations. Just over the dune in this photo is the beach, the largest “sandbox” and “puddle” my son has ever seen. Despite the fact that we could hear it, smell it, and feel it, he was quite content to play on this side of the dune when the real fun was just over the hill.

I’ve faced this reality in my own life, and it often takes someone or something else to pull me along to a greater and more fulfilling destination.

How often do you settle for sandboxes and mud puddles when the ocean is just over the hill?

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