20/20 Foresight

Now more than ever individuals, executives, and leaders are facing a dramatic decrease in clarity and vision about the future direction of their lives and careers. The result of this can wreak havoc on their organization’s efficiency and overall cohesiveness.

Executive Foresight Development

In order to make the right decisions in today’s volatile and uncertain environment, business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders must be equipped to envision themselves and their organizations 5 to 25 years into the future.

Consulting services

Strategic advisement, executive foresight development, strategy formulation and execution, actionable insights, visioning, opportunity mapping, scenario development planning and implementation


Helping executives dramatically increase their performance and 21st-century leadership capability.

On-Demand Consulting and Coaching

With on-demand consulting and coaching, you have full access to The Jared Nichols Group’s years of experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement.


Thought-provoking and challenging keynotes to equip businesses, communities, and associations, for the 21st-century. Empowering leaders and organizations to uncover new markets and opportunities through custom-built facilitation’s.

Future Formulator Program™

Determining the likelihood of future success begins by gaining clarity on how well you’ve performed in the past, how you are doing in the present, and how well you are preparing for future success. The PPF Assessment enables you to see how your past and present performance compare with your future trajectory.