20/20 Foresight

Now more than ever individuals, executives, and leaders are facing a dramatic decrease in clarity and vision about the future direction of their lives and careers.

The result of this can wreak havoc on their organization’s efficiency and overall cohesiveness. Strategic planning and goal setting are popular exercises traditionally used by organizations to address these problems with their leadership teams.

Unfortunately, traditional goal setting and strategic planning often fail to uncover what we truly want for ourselves, our careers, and our organizations, because it treats our individual aspirations as separate from and irrelevant to an organization’s goals. As a result, members of an organization or team feel less invested in the organization’s endeavors and less motivated to help the organization reach its goals.

20/20 Foresight

Dramatically Increase Cohesion and Vision in Your Organization

20/20 Foresight is a process of uncovering what each member of your team truly aspires to in their personal and professional lives. By deconstructing the “compartments” by which we define ourselves in our own lives, we can begin the process of zeroing in on what is most important in each of those areas. When individuals find cohesiveness within their own lives, they are better able to understand and fulfill their roles within an organization. The organization then can undergo a transformation in which its goals and strategic plans are no longer just arbitrary benchmarks, but actually incorporate the aspirations and insights of the individuals that make up that organization. When done as a team, the resulting impact will:

  • Significantly increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Create a safe atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
  • Increase effective communication throughout the organization.
  • Motivate employees to promote the organization’s long-term aspirations and strategic initiatives.
  • Dramatically increase employee confidence in the day-to-day decision making process.
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