Executive Foresight Development

In order to make the right decisions in today’s volatile and uncertain environment, business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders must be equipped to envision themselves and their organizations 5 to 25 years into the future.

Our organization will equip you with the skills required to gain competitive advantage, identify new market opportunities, and identify and analyze potential shifts in consumer behavior.

As a result you will:
  • Dramatically increase your current and future profitability.
  • Anticipate and capitalize on shifts in the market, economy, and public policy.
  • Reduce uncertainty about the future of your industry and organization.
  • Identify new opportunity for market and revenue growth amidst constant change and uncertainty.
  • Increase your organizations capacity to handle future uncertainty and disruption.
  • Become an industry leader in innovation and foresight.
This program will enhance your ability to:
  • Identify emerging trends, issues, and events that are relevant to the future growth and success of your organization.
  • Create an ongoing process for monitoring the development of these emerging trends and issues.
  • Uncover potential impacts and implications these trends, issues, and events may have on the future growth and success of your organization.
  • Translate these findings into relevant and applicable narratives about the future and the role your organization plays within it.
  • Determine the strength and viability of your existing and proposed strategies in multiple future scenarios.

Executive Foresight Development

there are three options for you to choose from

The self-directed option provides you with a high quality program that you can work through and apply at your own pace. This option begins by assessing your personal and professional objectives, giving you roadmap to apply what you’re learning in realtime.

This option is most effective if you already have a general knowledge of the subject matter and application. The self-directed option is completed virtually via pre-recorded instructional videos, quizzes, and assignments.

During this program you will have email and phone access to me for questions regarding the subject matter and the assignments. Upon completion of the program, you and I will schedule a 30-minute phone call to discuss how to apply your newly acquired competencies to your personal and professional objectives.

This option is ideal for the individual that wants to dramatically increase their level of strategic competency and leadership capability in a short amount of time.

Alongside the virtual program of Option 1, Option 2 takes a more customized approach to the program, wherein you and I will schedule a 30-minute call prior to the start of the program to discuss your unique objectives and measures by which you and I will gauge your progress. Upon completion of the program, you and I will schedule a phone or video conference call to discuss the completion of your work and how you will apply your new skill set over the next 90 days.

During the course and following 90-day period, you will have unlimited access to me via email and weekly access up to an hour via phone.

This option is designed for the individual that prefers in-person, one-on-one instruction. I will customize this program to meet specific objectives established by you. This option includes two sessions either in-person or done through video conference.

These sessions are focused and highly interactive, allowing you the opportunity to address immediate issues and draw applications to situations you are currently facing. In these sessions you will be given customized assignments geared toward our pre-determined objectives and desired outcomes. Completion and evaluation will be based on mutually agreed upon measures regarding subject matter proficiency and unique application.

Upon completion of this program I will act as your strategic advisor as you begin implementing new processes, initiatives, and strategies, resulting from this program. During the course and the following 6-month period, you will have unlimited access to me via email, phone, and video conference.

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