Future Formulator Program™

Future Flash

Determining the likelihood of future success begins by gaining clarity on how well you’ve performed in the past, how you are doing in the present, and how well you are preparing for future success. The PPF Assessment enables you to see how your past and present performance compare with your future trajectory. It is the foundation for determining what action (if any) needs to be taken in order to position yourself for future growth.

The PPF Assessment is designed to be a foundation tool for:

  1. Business planning
  2. Enhanced leadership development
  3. Sustainable business growth
  4. Creating competitive advantage
  5. Increasing market share
  6. Growing revenue
  7. Creating greater life balance
  8. Accomplishing personal goals and objectives

Rethinking Reinvention

After you’ve completed the assessment, you and I will schedule a 20 minute phone call to discuss the results and potential solutions to help you moving forward. As a result of this assessment and phone consultation, you will have at least three new ideas on how to position yourself for future success.

Investment: $250

Future Quick Start

One of the greatest obstacles leaders face when planning for the future is determining where to invest their time, energy, and resources to get the greatest return. The Future Quick Start option is for those who need an immediate plan of action following the PPF assessment to help them get their new ideas off the ground. You and I will spend up to two hours on the phone building on the results of the PPF assessment to establish your top three goals and prioritize the action steps you will take in order to accomplish your goals. You will also have 30 days of unlimited access to me via email, video, and phone, through which I will help you stay on target and avoid areas that do not align with your objectives.

Investment: $2,500

The Future Formulator

The Future Formulator program is designed for professionals who are either starting a new venture, looking to take their business and career to a higher level, or are trying to shift their direction completely, reinventing themselves and their businesses. This program is designed to help you restructure your business model according to your innate talents and your target audience’s wants and needs. This will enable you to increase revenue and reduce work hours, positioning yourself as a market leader and industry innovator. This program begins by analyzing your business, professional experience, and personal aspirations in order to discover where your greatest potential for future success lies. In this program you and I will spend up to two full days working together in person to create a business and personal strategy that focuses on:

  1. Positioning yourself and your business for dramatic growth.
  2. Gaining greater visibility in order to attract new clients and add greater value to existing clients.
  3. Leveraging existing resources in order to build your business and reinforce your value proposition.
  4. Generating new and diverse revenue streams by creating a series of unique products and services focused on your target audience group.
  5. Developing valuable and engaging content that moves your ideal buyer(s) to action.
  6. Adopting and developing a peer mentality with prospective buyers.

I will be your accountability partner, helping to ensure your continual progress over the next three months. During that time you will have unlimited access to me via phone, email, and video conference call.

Investment: $12,000