Slowing Down: Reflections from the Queen City

As anyone with children can attest, the start of each school year is a rush. New schedules, new activities, new commitments, and little time. It can be hard to find a time to stop and reflect. Of course, it is usually this time of year when it dawns on me that slowing down isn’t just a luxury, it can be absolutely essential to my well being and the well being of those around me.

Living life in a rush can seem purposeful. You feel like you are getting a lot accomplished and working toward your goals. But, in reality, it is anything but purposeful. In reality, it has probably been some time since you thought deeply about your goals. I’ve noticed that when I’m in a rush, I’m less conscious of my actions and their potential impact on others. I’m less empathetic. I’m less intentional. It’s at times like these when I need to ask myself, “What is more important: doing a lot of things or doing the right things?”

With all that has been happening in my hometown of Charlotte the past several days, I feel like now is a particularly important time to slow down. Now is the time to be conscious, intentional, and empathetic. Regardless of how you feel about the specifics of this particular tragedy, there is a larger conversation that is happening and needs to happen. Slowing down and thinking more deeply about “my piece” in this bigger picture is vital to the health of my community and maybe to the country as a whole. So, I encourage you, whatever has been tugging at you or weighing on your subconscious, take a moment, be conscious of it, and prepare yourself for action that is less busy and more intentional.

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