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This weeks focal point: I have written in the past that in order to have continual success, it is important that you continue to increase your strategic competencies. The same formula for success will not work again and again in an ever-changing environment. But when you are considering how much to invest in your personal and professional development, it can be difficult to determine the quantitative value of your qualitative objectives. You won’t always be able to put a hard number on these things, but looking at your past performance may give you some insight.

Consider the specific areas where you have seen the greatest return on your investment of time. Determine how much time was required to be effective in those areas and how much time you actually put toward those objectives. Now, think about the opportunities where you’ve had adequate time to prepare for meetings, dedicated time for regular contact with your ideal target audience groups, set aside time to schedule face-to-face meetings with qualified prospective buyers, donors or partners, and made time for assessing big picture objectives, considering new strategies, and building on past successes that create new areas of growth. How has this translated into new revenue and what has your rate of return been?

Looking back, you can probably identify ways in which your time could have been better spent. If you had been able to put all of your time and energy into the most valuable areas, how much more profitable might you have been? If you had been able to eliminate the time-wasters and stress-inducers, how much healthier and happier might you have been?

The key here is discretionary time and knowing how to spend it. If we allow our time, energy, and attention to go in several different directions then we often create unnecessary stress, allow important items to fall through the cracks, lose sleep, come under-prepared for important meetings, feel that we are always two steps behind, and the list goes on and on. Investing in your personal and professional development enables you to determine what is most important before you move forward. Only then can you eliminate the rest and have more time to focus on what is of greatest value to you.

The Fulcrum: The real value / ROI comes from ensuring that you are able to perform at your highest level, allowing you to far exceed your past performance. This comes when you take the time to invest in your personal and professional development and determine where you will be most effective.You may subscribe and encourage others to subscribe by clicking here.

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