The Numbers Don’t Lie…..Or Tell the Truth For That Matter: Re-thinking big data and the future of corporate marketing

“Big data” and predictive analytics are a flash in the pan when it comes to the future of corporate marketing. (I know, I know, many consider this statement heresy, but hear me out.) Consider the following:

  • The future of corporate marketing could explode in the next decade by using another form of big data, namely emotional analytics, wherein marketing is customized to the individual’s real time emotional state in addition to their “cataloged” data on buying habits, hobbies, preferences etc.
  • The infrastructure is already here. Organizations struggle with knowing how to make sense of that information and turn it into effective marketing that is comforting to consumers rather than intrusive.
  • As a result, most companies have no idea how to turn all that data into useful long-term gain. Using big data to predict the next 6 months is a massive waste of time. The only thing companies gain from this exercise is a boost in their reactive capabilities.
  • Successful marketing throughout history targets the emotions not the intellect. So, why is big data primarily used as an intellectual tool for analyzing a very complicated human consumer?
  • The fatal flaw here is the missing human emotional element.

If you haven’t heard already, Google’s futurist Ray Kurzweil recently revealed that Google is well on their way to creating an emotionally intelligent search engine.

Organizations need to focus on “whole data” rather than big data.

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