Through the Eyes of a Child: The secret to hacking your future


Hacking Your Future is a free weekly memo that provides readers with practical and applicable tips for uncovering their future success. Readers are challenged to re-imagine their personal and professional narratives, goals, and objectives, and re-invent their lives and work in a manner consistent with their new vision of the future.

This week’s focal point: My three year old son keeps the whole family entertained with constant chatter about trucks, firemen, construction sites, pirates, dragons, etc. When my son finds a new interest whether it’s trucks, helicopters, or Batman, he is able to incorporate that new thing right into the ongoing toddler narrative he has constructed. It doesn’t matter if he’s building blocks or outside playing in the dirt, each object becomes part of his magical world of giant school busses, micro-sized monster trucks, super hero action figures, and lincoln logs.

The question this brings to mind is whether or not we are capable of incorporating seemingly unrelated ideas and information into the ongoing narrative we have constructed throughout our lives.

The greatest advantage of living in the Information Age is also the greatest disadvantage, namely that we have so much information at our fingertips. Having this much information should make us more informed, less hindered, and free to challenge old beliefs and ideas. Unfortunately, for many the opposite is true. With so much information constantly challenging our personal, social, and political narratives, we have become more hindered, rigid, suspicious, fearful, and withdrawn.

The Fulcrum: Hacking your future requires a deep sense of curiosity, a willingness to constantly discover and be challenged by new information, and the understanding that what we know is subject to change as new information is introduced. It’s how we process and adapt that information that determines how we grow, evolve, and reinvent ourselves today and into the future.

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