You Cannot Lead From the Trenches: My key takeaways from the Million Dollar Consulting College


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This weeks focal point: I recently spent five intensive days with Alan Weiss, PhD and 12 other colleagues from around the world. I often find it helpful when others share their new insights gained from personal and professional development seminars or programs. On the last day of the college Alan asked that each of us share our key takeaways and advice for each other. Here is what I shared with my colleagues, which I believe has application for anyone currently in or preparing for a leadership role:

  1. Empty your head – We create more stress, noise, and confusion when we allow everything we deal with on a day-to-day basis to take up mental space.
  2. You must risk being disliked in order to truly help people – It seems that in our highly reactive and often oversensitive culture, leaders are more reluctant to lead for fear of upsetting someone else or being too controversial. True leadership is not a popularity contest.
  3. Simplify, simplify, simplify – In order to truly be an effective leader you must get everything that does not align with your goals and objectives off your plate. Stop spending time on items that others could and should be doing instead of you.

The Fulcrum: As you finish out the rest of this week, take time to identify those items and tasks that are taking up valuable mental and physical energy and eliminate or delegate them to someone else. You cannot lead from the trenches.

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